Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008


K... so, WE HAVE LAND!!!!!!

and here it is. You can see other shots in previous posts (I tried to find ones I haven't posted before).

We've officially made a deposit and are making plans to make the next payment.

Meanwhile, the owner is working on getting a surveyor to mark our ten acres with beacons (I think I've said this before).

The point is... this is the future home of Grace Academy.

Monday, September 1, 2008


This is, no joke, the third time I've written this. Either it's going to show up three times, or not at all, and I'm getting VERY tired of typing on this defunct keyboard.

Anywho. Guess what?

WE GOT THE LAND!!!!!!!!!

The owners signed today. We'll make a deposit (10%) as soon as the banks are open in the US. It took some explaining to get the idea across: banks just aren't open at 2am on a Sunday night.

From here we have 30 days to pay in full, while the owner has 2 weeks to get a surveyor to mark our ten acres with beacons. In the meantime our lawyer will ensure that they don't sell to someone else or take it back.

I'm headed back to Oregon in just 2 short days, while Susan will work on things such as a fence and the beginnings of a well.

The payment of the land will take just about every penny we've got, and until the auction, we're really scraping the barrel. Please consider making a donation, no matter how small, to Visible Grace, to help us with extra expenses. We're so excited to be moving forward at this point! Things have gone so well in the past few weeks. (You can find us on Facebook or Pay Pal, or send a donation to PO Box 91332, Portland OR, 97291). Really. Any amount will help, and we're so grateful.

Once I get home I'm jumping headfirst into auction preparations. I need help with this too. Please.

I'll be in Portland by Thursday afternoon! If you're in the great NorthWest, see you soon!