Thursday, April 29, 2010

new Visible Grace newsletter- Ashby is headed to Kenya!

Off she goes...
It’s finally here--Ashby’s Kenya Trip 2010! After a brief stay
with friends in Chicago, she'll board a plane and disembark on
May 3rd in Nairobi, Kenya, where she’ll spend eight weeks
connecting with friends, volunteers and Visible Grace's
Kenyan board. Along with visiting the land, she’s hoping
to make progress toward acquiring the building permits
needed to begin construction on the site. She’ll also be

teaching a community health and nutrition seminar.
It’s a big undertaking, and like any valuable venture,
does not come cheaply. If you’re able to help cover an
amount of the trip costs (about $4,000 total), it would be an enormous blessing and an integral part of propelling Visible Grace forward.

Also very exciting: Jon Rosing and Chad DeHeart (check out will be joining Ashby in Kenya for a week
in May in order to gather footage for a Visible Grace video.

Ashby is VERY excited about this video, which will be a huge aid
in promoting Visible Grace in the future. Please pray for
Ashby, Jon and Chad as they travel to Kenya this month.

One of the challenges we are currently facing is the attempt to get
permits in Kenya so we can start building classrooms and homes.
We believe corrupt members of the Kenyan government are waiting
for a bribe. Instead of giving in, we would like to start a chain of prayer
across the United States, asking God to move in Kenya and open

doors for us. We believe God is capable of working a miracle for His glory,
and Ashby would love an email from anyone interested in being part

of a prayer team.

The Beat Goes On...
Last month, Visible Grace hosted its first
benefit concert with Sixteen Cities
and several other Portland-area bands. It was an enormous blessing for
Ashby to participate with so many people who gave of their time and talents
for such a great cause. We are incredibly thankful for everyone who play
for, volunteered for or attended our benefit concert––THANK YOU!

Funds Via Fairway

Visible Grace will be hosting its first annual golf tournament on July 17
at Eagle Landing Golf Course in Portland. It’s a chance to golf, eat, drink,
make friends and learn more about Visible Grace––all while raising mon
for the project in Kenya! Get involved as a player, sponsor a golfer (per hole
or as a flat fee) or help us spread the word! Contact Ashby for details about
getting involved in what’s likely to be one of the best-dressed fundraisers in VisiGrace history.

Your Ball Gown Awaits
Our 6th annual auction will be on October 23 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
in Lake Oswego, Oregon. We are looking forward to this event, which is our
main fundraiser each year. As always, please contact Ashby if you would like
to attend, donate items or help make this year’s auction fabulous!

Get Involved. Here's How:

DONATE • Any amount is great! It accumulates and helps us get to Kenya,
build the school and other great things! How, you ask? Why, mail a check,
give online through Facebook/ PayPal or buy a Visible Grace t-shirt, of c

solid network of people who care about kids in Kenya. Casually drop us unto conversation, blog or Facebook about us, follow Ashby’s travel blog, or buy
her a coffee and ask her questions! She’d love to tell you more about what
we’re doing (especially if she’s caffeinated).

VOLUNTEER • Live near Portland? Help us organize our fundraisers! Live somewhere else? Host your own! It’s easy. Contact Ashby if you are interested
and she’ll give you details.

PRAY • We need prayers; for money, for God’s hand to work in Kenya and
to bless our efforts here in the USA. Pray for the kids of Kenya, who are
being oppressed and attacked and deserve a fighting chance. Pray for
Ashby, for her physical health and safety as she travels. Pray for our US
and Kenyan boards, and pray for our volunteers, who do so much to keep
Visible Grace going strong.

Thank you, as always, for all that you do. We appreciate your support
so very much. With love, grace and peace, Ashby and the Visible Grace board