Thursday, March 17, 2011

still alive. mostly jet-lag free.

I always intend to catch up on blogging once I get back to the States and I never do. in this particular case, I got home, got sick, threw a friend a baby shower, turned thirty and then drove my sister down to California. I do want to recap some happenings and stories and upload some pictures from my trip. I do. and I will. eventually.

in the meantime, a glimpse of Lake Victoria:

Friday, March 4, 2011

el-dee, el-dee, a wonderful town...

so I'm sitting in a hotel room in Eldoret, trying to dump pictures onto my computer, and my heart is POUNDING: a huge huge cockroach crawled out of my suitcase and into- INTO, YOU GUYS- the bedspread of the bed next to mine.

freaking. a.

undoubtedly it traveled with us from Mbita, and. I mean. what if it, like, got into the clothes I put onto tomorrow? or something. EW EW EW EW EW.

okay. I'm sorry. I really do try to suck it up about bugs here but the thing is two inches long and NASTY. and crawled into the bedspread. what if- WHAT IF IT GOT ON YOU WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING.

ahem. anyway. the point is, I am spending the night in Eldoret (and tomorrow I get to see my friend Gladys!) and heading back to Nairobi tomorrow. it's weird to think that 48 hours from now, Lord willing, I'll be waiting at the airport for my flight home. and here I am blogging from a hotel room on the other side of the country. and it's further weird that earlier today I was in a village in the middle of the Kenyan bush.

life happens faster here than the internet allows. I have lots of stories to tell (a few are even NOT about bugs), and over 1000 pictures taken since Monday. I'll try to get a few more posts in before I leave on Sunday- and maybe I'll catch up again when I get back to the US.

in the meantime I just wanted the internets to know that a) I'm alive and b) THAT COCKROACH IS REALLY HUGE. I MEAN REALLY.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Susan and me

hooray for blackberries!

long story short:
~used up all camera power at the wedding on Saturday
~sent Susan off to her honeymoon with my adapter so she could charge her camera
~planned to charge my camera when I got to Mbita, where my friends have adapters
~forgot I was going to the slums Monday morning to administer worm medicine
~found my blackberry in the bottom of my suitcase
~have a multi card reader which reads even the tiny tiny microcard on my blackberry!

so, here are a few of the faces I saw on Monday. again, thank you thank you for your generous donations. the kids were thankful and the teachers were REALLY thankful.