Friday, July 27, 2012

T shirts! or, How I Saved the World Eleven Dollars At a Time.

Most of you already have a t shirt or two, so...I need your help selling the rest! Sell them to your friends! Your neighbours! Your co workers! Give them to people as wedding gifts!

No, seriously.

We have a few t shirts left in each size (and some sizes are sold below) and not only would  my parents like their basement back, but I would like to make a little more money so we can finish our building over here.

A lot of you have given what you can, and that's great. Your generosity astounds me daily. But we need more. More people, more money, more energy poured into this wonderful, beautiful project.

So would you please do me a favour, and share this post? Link it to your blog, your facebook page, your twitter page...instagram it. Pin it. Share it! Please please please? And thank you.

We have our new(er) t shirts, which are $9.50 plus shipping:

Which, as you can see, are not only beautiful and interesting, but make you look cool when you are hiking, exploring, taking pictures, kissing your loved one or catching a frisbee in mid-air.
(The text is our mission statement, basically.)

(Please note: women's run ridiculously small, because American Apparel has special ideas about the human body. Buy at least once size bigger than you normally would.) 

Grey Africa Shirts with White Text: ($9.50)

And we have our original t-shirts, which are $7.50 plus shipping:

Which are on super sale, and, are sweatshop free and made in the US.

 Also, the more I think about this message, the more I like them. The text reads, 'This shirt is a fence, a well, a library and hope'. And it is. We are actually BUILDING, and will soon provide kids with security and material comforts and books and pencils and clothing and a future. And it's because of YOU.
(Woman's sizes are slightly less ridiculous, but shrink- so I'd buy a size up again. Sorry.)

Original Acacia Tree Shirts: ($7.50)

In conclusion, you should buy a shirt RIGHT NOW. Or, you should tell your friends to buy one

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